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BIOSINT Mexico - Mexico

April 25

Queretaro, Mexico

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This year´s International Systems and Synthetic Biology Symposium has been an experience of discovery, as talented researchers from Mexico and United States were summoned to deliver to the public a taste of applied synthetic biology and systems biology technologies. We were delighted to have PhD. Rubén Morones, principal researcher of NanoBiotechnology Research Group, PhD. Lynn Rothschild, a professor who works at NASA, PhD Henrik Scheller, President of the Cell Wall Group, and PhD César González, expert on the Carboxysome research, as speakers at our event.
We are excited to say that our first big event was attended by a variety of students from other universities and states!
The diversification of topics given on the 25th of April on systems and synthetic biology made Friday unforgettable and, we hope, brightened the passion for science inside every participant.