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Honorable Guests Who Will Give Speeches

Haoqian Zhang Ph.D Candidate
  • 2013.11 Best Parts Collection (Asia), Best New BioBrick Part, Natural (Asia), Gold Medal Prize, iGEM competition 2013
  • 2012.12 Poster Fellowship Gold Award, Cold Spring Harbor Asia meeting on Synthetic Biology.
  • 2012.11 Finalist, 1st Runner-up (2nd of 55 in Asia Regional), Best Wiki, Best Presentation, Gold Medal Prize, iGEM competition 2012
  • 2011.11 Sweet Sixteen (5th of 159 in the Final), Gold Medal Prize, iGEM competition 2011
  • 2010.11 Finalist, 1st Runner-up (2nd of 130 in the Final), Best Environment Project & Gold Medal Prize, iGEM competition 2010
  • 2009.11 Gold Medal Prize, iGEM competition 2009

Activities: 2009 Team member of Peking iGEM team; 2010 Team Leader of Peking iGEM team; 2011-2013 Instructor of Peking iGEM team.

Liu Yang Master Candidate
  • 2011 establish iGEM lab of OUC.
  • 2011 team leader of OUC iGEM team.
  • 2012 instructor of OUC iGEM team.
  • 2012 build OUC's Biobricks-DNA registry.
  • 2012 essay: Light Regulated Gene Circuits, Designed Synthesis and Expression Testing of Plux/Ompr Promoters.
  • 2013 start project: Synthetic Prokaryotic Gene Circuit for Asymmetric Division and Polarized SynBio Platform on E.coli.


What Should You Prepare for the Meetup?

1.Accommodation fee: ¥120 per person. The accommodation fee includes luncheon and dinner of August 23rd. It should be transferred to our account in the Bank of China: 4563513000326369959 (Lu Huifang, Tel: 13720134615. Please inform her ASAP after remittance) before August 15th. Please contact us for invoice of meal(if needed);

2.Introduction of your teams and some pictures. And please send the name list of participants to before Aug.1st;

3.Name and a brief introduction of your program. A word version of your introduction on your team and program is required;

4.Academic poster(90cm*150cm). Please send us the electronic version posters for us to print. Please send to: before Aug. 1st;

5.PPT or Prezi for your presenttion(20min for lecture + 10min for Q&A).


1.Temporary student cards can be provided;

2.There will be a special session for instructors in the evening of August 23rd;

3.Recommend wearing your team uniforms during meetup;

4.The official language for the meetup is Chinese.

5.Don’t forget to bring with you a relaxed and happy mood!