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Team Name: Gifu
Primary Contact (PI): Akio Ebihara
Gifu University
Yanagido, Gifu, Japan
Division:iGEMApplication Date:  2014-02-17
Region:AsiaAcceptance Date: 2014-04-23 12:49:42

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Circular mRNA - the world's longest protein
Generally, mRNA is single-strand RNA, starting translation by binding ribosome on initiation codon, and ending by separating ribosome from mRNA. In this study, we aim to build the method of synthesizing long-repeating proteins, massive one, and to improve translation efficiency. That is, allowing ribosomes to have a semi-permanent translation mechanism by producing circular mRNA and causing a defect of termination codon. To cyclize mRNA, we can use a splicing mechanism of T4 phage. Splicing is a mechanism removing circular introns and joining in exons after transcription. Splicing is catalyzed by several base sequences at both ends of intron as a ribozyme, being subjected to nucleophilic attack from introns to exons. We would like to clone the two parts of intron to use this mechanism and cyclize mRNA, making plasmids which include a gene coding proteins between those. And, by transforming E.coli, we get world’s longest proteins.

Team Roster
aebihara2014Akio Ebihara
isatoshiSatoshi IWAMOTO
h1884Hitoshi IWAHASHI
Student Members
ybannoYusuke Banno
nomukenNomura Kenta
momochiMomoko YAMADA
kozakaiKozakai Tomoya
MoriAkihiro Moriyama
Yuki1201Yuki Kamijo
SachiASachi Asano
takemaHasegawa Takema
fukufukuWataru Fukuda
LagomutryOuchi Ryo
uyuuEndo Yuki

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