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Michael Osthege - Computational & Lab Division

Molecular and Applied Biotechnology (B.Sc. student)

As hobby developer and member of the 2014 iGEM Team at RWTH Aachen University, I'm currently exploring synthetic biology.

Apart from my interests in molecular and synthetic biology, I'm blogging about programming apps and my recent interest in Arduino microcontrollers. I relax with nice bicycle tours and a round of poker now and then. As an opportunity to learn new things and bring other talents and interests to good use, I enjoyed working with our team at iGEM 2014.

Mainly involved in...

  • planning of subprojects
  • collaborations with other iGEM teams
  • writing tools analysis and processing of experiment data

Relevant Standalone Software

Sequence Buddy is a free Windows 8 app that is designed to accelerate molecular design workflows. These are the most prominent features:

  • calculation of protein mass
  • checking a sequence for BioBrick compability
  • reverse / complement of nucleotide sequences
  • translation of DNA sequences
  • instant results

Mosthege WSbadge 154x40.png

Serial Client is a Windows desktop application for online-collection of raw data on serial ports. The app is designed and tested for:

  • recording of about 200 readouts/second
  • convenient export of recorded data to Excel
  • live visualization of incoming data

For more information on the Serial Client, please visit our Software Section.

Timeseries Labeller is another Windows Desktop application for batch-labelling of many frames in a timeseries. The app is built for:

  • labelling with a short text
  • consistent labelling of frames with a time indicator
  • convenient export of frames as PNG-files for further processing

For more information on the Timeseries Labeller, please visit our Software Section.