photo of HassanHassan Chaudhry
Hassan is a Mathematician at Warwick and found himself leader of the team and inadvertently our resident travel agent. He also took a firm hand in organising and keeping on top of the team while developing models for many of the parts in the meantime. Unfortunately, developing an allergic reaction to a tree he had come "very close to touching" outside the lab, he refused to dine al fresco with the rest of the team on the (rare) hot summer days.
photo of LeoLeo Vong
Leo is a 2nd year student studying Biochemistry at Warwick, hailing from all over the midlands. He was key to sponsorship, obtaining free gloves, laboratory reagents and other samples needed for our work in the laboratory.
photo of ChrisChris Davis
Chris is studying Physics at Warwick and was our honorary computer scientist taking the wiki by storm. He was also a major part in our data analysis and was driven almost insane by biologists and their "continuous lack of enough repeats and far too many abbreviations".
photo of IvaIva Burova
Iva has ventured furthest from home, coming from Bulgaria and is studying Engineering at Warwick, looking to specialise into biomedical engineering post uni. She took a shine to the lab work, deeming everything "so adorable", and kept a meticulous lab book where you could find anything and everything experiment related. She was infinitely helpful, coming in at weekends and staying late every evening in order to complete the tasks at hand and studying for her exams alongside.
photo of DanDan Goss
After briefly lapsing his strong vegan beliefs and accepting the use of fetal bovine serum and calf intestinal alkaline phosphatase in the lab, he took charge of the measurement study and put his controversial views to good use at the forefront of our human practice ventures. He spurned interesting and heated debates about the project and its applications as well as its environmental impacts.
photo of ChelseyChelsey Tye
Chelsey is currently studying in Chemistry following a 3 year undergraduate course in Chemical Biology at Warwick. She helped Dan in the measurement study and human practices area.
photo of CarrieCaroline de Cock
Carrie studies biomedical science at Warwick and played a major role in the experimental side of the project. She was particularly crucial to the testing in human cells which she particularly enjoyed and successfully tested the IRESs and the aptazyme following some set backs in transfection. Despite her tendency to fall asleep unannounced, she played a key role in the experimental planning and aquiring of results.
photo of BeckyBecky Seeley
Becky studies biomedical sciences at Warwick university and is in her final year. Becky took on a major role in the experimetal work.
photo of BenBen Livingstone
Ben was king of the modelling, taking major steps forward in the development of both stochastic and deterministic models, as well as creating a programme to speed up the analysis of plates measured in the tecan, instructions for and details of which can be found in the modelling section of our wiki.


photo of AlfonsoAlfonso Jaramillo
Alfonso was our PI. With a PhD in theoretical Physics he moved over to Synthetic Biology, shortly after which he involved himself in iGEM in 2006 and has never looked back. His group is currently engineering a synthetic phage, developing directed evolution technologies and engineering novel RNA devices.
photo of SianSian Davies
Sian was our secondary supervisor with a PhD in plant biological clocks. She aided in experimental design and kept us on track, giving us our initial safety briefing and crash course in cloning.
William William Rostain
Will was an advisor. He is a current PhD student working in the Jaramillo laboratory developing RNA switches and synthetic phages for future antibiotic therapy. He earned his BSc in Edinburgh in Biology and has been involved in three iGEM teams as both a student and advisor, earning gold with additional prizes in each one, in the undergraduate and postgraduate category.