Sponsorship Brochure
To help in securing sponsorship this year, the Warwick iGEM team created a brochure to send to companies and organisations. We upload it here in the hope that it helps inspire teams to create a similar document so that they can secure much needed funding and equipment as we did in the future.

Further Attributions
Thank you to the laboratory of Alfonso Jaramillo for allowing us to use the TECAN machine, lab space and helping us make RdRp biobrick compatible, as well as donating the design for our mutant RdRp to us. Also thanks to the laboratory of David Evans, who kindly donated HuH7 cells and HeLa cells to us so that we could perform many of our experiments. Thanks to Sian Davies for teaching us the protocols we needed, and for the shedloads of support throughout the project, as well as William Rostain and Satya Prakash for help with initial results analysis and general help throughout the project. Finally thanks to Alfonso Jaramillo for bringing the team together in the first place, and making this all possible.