Team:IIT Delhi/Attributions


iGEM IIT Delhi 2014

First and foremost, we would like to thank our mentors Prof. Ziauddin Shaikh Ahammad(DBEB IITD), Prof. Virendra Swarup Bisaria(DBEB IITD), Prof. Prashant Mishra(DBEB IITD) and Prof. James Gomes(KSBS IITD) for guiding us throughout this journey and their consistent feedback and support which helped in the successful completion of our project. Working with them has been an amazing learning experience for the entire team.

Next, we would like to thank our esteemed sponsors without whose financial support it would have been impossible to complete our project. We would like to give special mention to our sponsors Mahindra Rise, Integrated DNA Technologies, and FITT. Obtaining financial support may be one tough job but managing your finances is not a piece of cake either. Acknowledging this fact, we would like to specially mention the names of Prof PVM Rao, Prof MR Ravi and Prof Anurag Sharma who helped us with our finances throughout our project. Their sound advice helped us to manage our funds properly and utilize them optimally.

Also, special thanks to Miss Neeti (PhD Scholar, DBEB IITD) for the guidance she provided in the lab work and to Miss Vinita Krishna(PhD Scholar, DMS IITD) for educating us about the policy in GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms) and IPR( Intellactual Property Rights) of which we were earlier uninformed.

We collaborated with artists and designers who helped us during our journey, We would like to mention the contributions of Mr. Rahul Kumar who helped us in making a 3D figure of out table top model,to Mr. Karan Varshney who made a multi-platform game based on the theme of our project and to Mr. Ainesh Mujoo founder Ink Stroms Art , who collaborated with us and discussed our project with his team of artists.

And last but not the least we would like to dedicated our project to Dr. Har Gobind Khorana (Nobel, Medicine 1968) whose work has been an inspiration for all of us, Now and Forever.