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Mr. Holmes Secret Logbook

Please, please do not take this sub-page serious. It's probably everything - but not serious.

In fact, most team members know that this website exists. But it silently documents all the funny aspects of our project.

First, even we as team Aachen 2014 - we're actually the first team of our university - performed experiments that didn't end well.

Aachen si 1.jpg

It's never a good sign if already the blank rather tries to escape than to stay.

Especially with our own-minded experiments we had some rainy days in the lab

Aachen si 2.jpg

but also some bright moments, where we could spread peace, love and happiness :)

Aachen si 3.jpg

How many biologists does a computer scientist need to nail a camera?

Aachen si 4.jpg

Exact. 3.

But not only the biological experiments created a high level of frustration, but also the hardware

Aachen si 5.JPG

or software

Aachen si 6.jpg

At times we really wanted to kill each other,

Aachen si 7.jpg

but we had those cool moment where stuff really worked out

Aachen si 8.jpg

and just some other bright moments.

Now at the day of wiki-freeze we're really tired ...

Aachen si 9.jpg

... but really, overall we had a fun time with our igem and loved to stand together for our project

Aachen Team Aachen Teamfoto small.jpg

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