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A low-cost DIY methane sensor for Team Braunschweig

Our colleagues from Braunschweig are cultivating microorganisms that grow on methane (CH4) which is supplied via the gas phase. To monitor the methane uptake by their E. co(w)li, they would like to measure the methane concentration in the gas phase. With the standard analytical methods in the lab, this is very difficult, but when they told us about their problem, we knew that we might be able to help them. We assembled an Arduino-based methane sensor and wrote a program to record the data.

The componentes for the methane sensor include:

To set up the electronics for a measurement, the sensor and the Arduino have to be connected according to the following scheme:

Aachen Collaboration-BS-Schematic.png
Connecting the MQ-4 module to the Arduino
Only three wires are required to connect the MQ-4 module to the Arduino Nano.

Serial Client - a WPF application to log data

Our serial client application can be used to read the data from the Arduino. To read more about this application go to our software section