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we are able to construct circuits directly
into Chromosome.
our new design, method and product,
GeneSocket may be the NEXT GENERATION
of circuit construction!
We designed an original gene insertion
system, which is a more convient and
more efficient than traditional ways.
We put two outstanding technologies
into one simple device,
GeneSocket is then ready to work!
What should the customers do with the tool?

Just input the gene sequence and then GS-BOX will design the experimental process automatically!
We submited 22 parts
We created a forum
We wrote a song for iGEM
ZJU-China is a team with 12 students
in divergent majors.

Take a look of our team!
ZJU-China is a small team, while all iGEMers
a giant family!

Here we write a birthday song for iGEM’s first ten-year.