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Biological parts - the BioBricks - can be used to design and construct novel biological devices and systems or re-design already naturally existing ones. The BioBricks have a defined structure and function and they can be inserted into e.g. a plasmid and then incorporated into an organism such as E. Coli or S. Cerevisiae, thereby forming a biological system. In addition, the BioBricks can be assembled in any desired order to form complex systems.

Do you want to make your own gene construct? Here are some questions to think of before you start synthesizing:

  • what is the function of the coding sequence?
  • what concerns can the function cause?
  • do you need to add a linker?
  • do you need to add a marker or a puryfication tag?
  • do you need to do codon optimization?

Below you will be able to go through the steps in the design of a plasmid that can be used for transformation.

This system is highly advanced. You can enter a DNA sequence, a protein sequence or even just your desired function of the sequence.

Enter you sequence: Next step

Go to "construct a bio-system" to insert your gene into an organism and thereby forming a biological system.