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Team Communications

Ideas worth spreading



We had a meeting with SZU-China on 19th July just after deciding the project. They made a banner especially for us and gave us a warm welcome. We presented two projects in sequence and gave each other valuable suggestions.

It’s their first time to join in the whole iGEM family, so we then talked about the experience in establishing an iGEM team and doing project.





The Second Conference
We attended the 2nd iGEM Conference held by NCTU_Formosa. In the conference, every team had 20 minutes to present their projects and 10-minnute Q&A section. The professors and iGEMers present gave many suggestions to the team which was doing presentation. And we also had poster section to explain our projects to iGEMers who are interested face to face. We had a great time there and learned a lot from other teams. We developed deep friendship with other teams and kept in touch closely since then.



Meet up in SUSTC
SCUT and Shenzhen_SFLS (High School Division) came to SUSTC on 26th August. Everyone had an opportunity to introduce himself briefly. We did presentations and communicated a lot about team running. Then we showed them our lab and went for a short tour in our campus.

See SCUT wiki about this




XMU-China came to visit us on 17th September. We had a thorough evening talk about human practice and team running. We showed them our lab and our campus the day after.

See XMU-China wiki about this



We communicated with SJTU-Software about their software online. We consulted team members of SUSTC-ShenzhenB (Software team) last year, and gave them some suggestions.

See SJTU-Software wiki about this


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