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Victor the Vector united E. coli and Yeast by transforming the genetic material within the cell. Alpha mating factor expresses on the outer membrane on E. coli to induce the yeast’s mating pheromone response pathway (MPRP). The final product of the MPRP, Fus1, is used to promote devices that produce blue fluorescent protein and histidine.

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Victor the Vector is a hands on, interactive device that allows students to build basic synthetic biological systems and watch instructional videos about the systems that were built. This way students can experience building synthetic biological systems without the need of a wet lab or any wet lab experience.

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We constructed Victor the Vector using PLA (polylactic acid) plastic. PLA is hydrolyzed in basic solution to yield lactic acid, which can then promote histidine production in E. coli. Our team hopes that this furthers PLA recycling methods.

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