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NU Models: Breaking Down Walls!

NU Models seeks to expand promoter and ribosome binding site characterization of E. coli to other non-model organisms chosen for their promise in other fields of research. All processes take place in a cell-free system to provide a consistent characterization platform. This information is useful in synthetic biology applications for healthcare, the environment, and industry as it provides a basis for DNA design in organisms other than E. coli that are more optimized for the needs of a given application.

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October 9th: Sent in our construct--the spinach-aptmer to iGEM HQ! This RFP-spinach aptamer deviates from currently submitted parts because it monitors and measures both mRNA concentration and protein concentration simultaneously via fluorescence.

October 17th: Characterized our part


Sent our water sample to the Cornell Team!

In contact with the UChicago Team about exchanging constructs

Getting Ready

For the Jamboree!

See you there!