One E.coli Has One Function

What is our project at 2014?

Cadmium is one of harmful materials for us. 50 years ago, itai-iati disease was going around in center of Japan Gihu. The cause was industrial wastewater. Cadmium contained the water. Our project is to find a way to clean contaminated with Cadmium. we think how to clean the water. We use E.coli. Concretely, we use two kinds of E.coli. One catches Cadmium. the Other makes to all E.coli to use chemoattractant. Catches E.coli displays metallothionein (metallothionein is a protein that combines a heavy metal. Cadomium is one kind of heavy metal). Other is releasing Asp (Asp is one kind of chemoattractant. All E.coli is close to the Asp E.coli). To use these E.coli. Finally cadomiun is catched(wastewater is be clean).

What experiment we did?

・How to check E.coli's chemotaxis? We make use of other igem team’s assay. Using soft agar plate.we let E.coli siwm.

・We made a plasmid Our project need to two kind of plasmid. we made one plasmid.And we have to make one more plasmid.