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Since it is the first time for our team to participate in this amazing competition, most part of our work was done by students ourselves, who have great motivation of enthusiasm. Our advisers also gave us useful instructions and constructional opinions during the whole process.

General Support

The project is supported by the College of Science and the College of Aerospace Science and Engineering of NUDT.

Project support and advice

This project was come up with our advisers Qijun Liu and we students brainstormed and discussed the details in a group. The final version outline of the project was attributed to Qijun Liu, Miyang Li, and Xinyuan Qiu.

Fundraising help and advice

We have met difficulties in the fund raising part from our colleges due to the lack of experience. Consequently, the fees of experiments was by the source of Professor Wu’s research group and our personal expenditures was partly covered by our advisers Qijun Liu and Lingyun Zhu where the rest of it was paid by ourselves.

Lab support

We conducted all of our experiments in the lab of Research Center of Biological Information of the College of Science of NUDT.

Difficult techniques support

Our lab was newly established and is short of the equipment which is able to do the nucleotide sequence screening. In light of this, we bought the sequencing service from InvitrogenTM. Our devices and systems of parts was all verified there. InvitrogenTM is also the one who provided us the prime synthesize service.

Most of our regents such as enzyme were bought from TaKaRaTM and some other bio-tech companies.

Project adviser support

In the process, we got help from our teacher Qijun Liu, Xiaomin Wu and Yunlv Zhu. They gave us precious advice and experience. And Xiaomin Wu also helped us in experiments.

Wiki support

Our wiki is established by adviser Qijun Liu and our group member Xinyuan Qiu; thanks to their proficiency in page source codes which written in HTML. Miyang Li, Niaohao Xie and Chuyuan Zhang provide relevant materials.


At the CCiC meetup hosted by HZAU in August, Xinyuan Qiu represented our group addressing presentation about our project in front of the other teams around China. And in November, the presentation will be conducted by two or three members of our team together.

Experiment support

Almost all of experiments were conducted by students ourselves, the major contributors towards this are Xinyuan Qiu and Miyang Li, Qianhui Zhu and Nianhao Xie also did lots of work. Besides, we also connected to NJU team, Tsinghua team and WHU team requiring necessary bio-bricks and reagents before registry released kits to us. It needs to be noted that the WHU_CHINA provided us their new part BBa_K1334030 for our experiment and sent us samples of AHL. We further tested the function of the part BBa_K1334030 in our experiment(see our contribution at ). Here we want to our greatest appreciation to the WHU_CHINA for their support.

Human practice support

Chuyuan Zhang, Xinyuan Qiu and Xienian Hao was dedicated to do human practice concern about a survey of lab safety among students studying related majors and, Jize Han, another member in our team who designed a game APP on the Android platform aiming to popularize synthetic biology and iGEM.

Modeling support

This part is attributed to Nianhao Xie, who is good at math modeling.

Organization and management

Miyang Li and Xinyuan Qiu are responsible for the project management and organization. They did lots of work on project approval request, program refining, experimental operation and process management.

Others involved acknowledgments

We also thanks to Wenjian Wu, Long Liu for the policy approval and support.

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