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Of course, science is impossible without collaboration. Our project would not have been possible if it had not been for the innumerable times we were helped by our undergraduate mentors, our supervisor, Brian Teague, our PI, Ron Weiss and other researchers in the lab. From teaching us how to pipet, debugging our PCR problems to lending us parts to use in our project, providing expert insight on doing western blots or running cytometry on our cells, they were with us all the way. We were also helped throughout the summer by the MIT Bioengineering Department’s Writing and Communication Lab, which instructed us from skills ranging from reading scientific papers to making an effective poster to presenting a good talk. Without all the help and guidance we received, we would be lost.

New England iGEM (NEGEM)

Being in Boston with another hundred colleges and universities around us means it only makes sense for the iGEM teams to meet up. A Boston University tradition started in 2012, the 2014 NEGEM consisted of the BU, MIT, Harvard, Rutgers, Tufts, and Worcester Polytechnical Institute iGEM teams. We met three times throughout the course of our summer, presenting and critiquing our projects and presentations, and discussing possible improvements to research methods, presentation style and effectiveness. We also discussed the possibility collaborations between the teams.

We would like to give our warmest thanks to Traci Haddock and the BU team for organizing this wonderful and useful event.

Detailed list of attributions
James AndersonTreatment subgroup
Lyla AttaNative Receptors subgroup
 Human practices - helped prep the presentation
 NEGEM presentations 3.1 and 3.2
 Distributed survey
 First interview with doctor
 Website: Native receptor - experiment page
Kathryn BrinkBCR Subgroup
 HSSP presentation prep
 Alzheimer’s walk (TrialMatch Outreach)
 First interview with doctor
 Poster things
 Website flipbooks
Gary BurnettmiRNA Detection Subgroup
Andrew ChenAssisted with BCR subgroups
Erik ErslandBCR Subgroup
 presentation that one time
 super legit vacuum manifold
 super legit gel imager
Alexa GarciaNative Receptors Subgroup
 Human Practices: Survey (creation, distribution and collaboration w/ Tufts)
 PPt Presentation/Talk (including NEGEM 3.1-3.3) [creation and presentation]
 Website: Receptor Group (description pages), Medals page, Survey page, Delivery page, BCR Parts
 General administrative work
Alex LeffellTreatment Subgroup
Raymond LiumiRNA Detection Subgroup
 NEGEM 3.1
 Human Practices: Survey distribution
 miRNA group: website content
Raashed RaziuddinmiRNA Detection Subgroup
Christian RichardsonBCR Subgroup
 NEGEM 3.1
 NEGEM 3.2
 Survey Distribution
 Organization of interviews
Shinjini SahaNative Receptors Subgroup
 Synbio classes: spring, summer(, fall)
 Interview: Dr. Albers
 Design work: logo, banner, website illustrations(, swag),
 Website: Outreach page
Alex SmithBCR Subgroup
Abigail WeissNative Receptors Subgroup
Jiaqi XiemiRNA Detection Subgroup
 Human Practices: Survey [passing out and analysis]
 Walk for Alzheimer’s: Recruited for TrialMatch
Andrew YangMentor, training in laboratory techniques
Brandon NadresMentor, training in laboratory techniques
Brian TeagueHead Instructor
 Main advisor, training in lab techniques, moral support, love, affection and a sprinkling of pixie dust
Christopher VoigtSponsor
Deepak Mishrahelped us with western blots
Domitilla del VecchioSponsor
Eldi SchoenfeldHelped us with western blots
 Helped with human practices spring semester
Jacob BealTasbe tools?
Jasdave ChahalAdvice in determining natural HEK-293 response to BCR transfection
Jen NguyenBE Writing Lab Fellow provided feedback on presentation content and delivery
Jeremy GamMentor
 Provided MAV1212 miRNA sensor backbone.
Jin HuhProvided cloning help
Jonathan BabbMentor, provided guidance in planning research and experiments
Katie BodnerMentor, training in laboratory techniques
Kelly BrockInstructor
Kristjan Eerik KaseniitMentor
 Taught Matlab, Genious
Ky LowenhauptHelped us with western blots
Kyle LathemMentor, training in laboratory techniques
Natalie KuldellSponsor, Outreach advisor
Richard Nelson HallMentor, training in laboratory techniques - especially tissue culture
Ron WeissPI, Head Advisor
Samira KianiHelped with human practices spring semester
Sarah SpencerBE Writing Lab Fellow provided feedback on presentation content and delivery
Sean KearneyBE Writing Lab Fellow provided feedback on presentation content and delivery throughout all iterations of the presentation
Sebastian PalaciosHelped with neuronal differentiation
Sebastien UzelHelped with neuronal differentiation
Steven KeatingMentor, taught Matlab
Tasuku KitadaCloning help
Timothy LuSponsor
Velia SicilianoAdvice in basic design techniques for the tango system
Breanna Stillo Matlab code
 Transfection protocol