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Project Design: Wang Mengni.

Thanks to Wang Mengni, without her idea and work on this project, we won't show it to you.;

Construction: Li Kai, Li Chen, Qin Peng, Wang Mengni, Chen Li, Wang Ke, Huang Wenjun.

These guys worked hard in our lab to construct plasmids and biobricks.

Modeling: Wang Mengni, Yang Yang, Deng Shanjun.

Wang Mengni worked with Yang Yang and Deng Shanjun to make this model.

Survey: Li Chen.

Li Chen works in our college's S.U. and with her effort, we finished the survey and the report.

Periodicals: Wu You.

We collected news and sent to Wu You, then she designed and published all periodicals.

Wiki: Qin Peng.

This guy designed and constructed the wiki.

Art Design: Li Chen, Wu You, Qin Peng.

Wu You designed our team logo, and Li Chen designed our team uniform and other materials, Qin Peng designed the wiki.

Team Leader: Wang Mengni, Qin Peng.


Besides team members, we thank these people and companies below for their contribution to our project.

Dr.Wang Na, Prof.Chen Qijun.
Advisors: Prof.Lou Huiqiang, Prof. Zhang Liqun, Prof. Chen Wenfeng.
Labs: Dr.Cao Qinhong's, Prof. Chen Wenfeng's.
Companies: BGI, Life Technologies,TsingKe, NEB, Omega Bio, QIAGEN, TransGen Biotech, YDYH, GenScript.
Other iGEM team: NJAU_China team provided us with a protocal about how to use GFP to experimentally verify the function of part BBa_K1421007 , and we two teams usually discussed our projects and the problems we met in experiment.