"No man is an island" is not just a well-worded phrase by John Donne but a fact. We could not have competed in this year's iGEM competition without the help of many individuals. Thus, we sincerely want to say "thanky you" to all the people who have supported us over the course of this year's iGEM competition and previous iGEM competitions.

First of all we want to thank our instructors Professor Dr Kohlbacher (Quantitative Biology Center) and Professor Dr Nordheim (Interfaculty Institute for Cell Biology) for supporting our team since 2012 by providing us with financial and technical support and advising us when we were searching a project idea.

Then we also want to express our sincerest thanks to Professor Dr Jansen (Interfaculty Institute of Biochemistry) who has most generously provided us with a modern laboratory and modern lab equipment for the third consecutive time this year. He receives our thanks for discussing technical, legal, and organizational problems and questions with us on a nearly weekly basis.

Next, we are most grateful to Dr Elisabeth Fuss, a researcher located at the Inferfaculty Institute of Biochemistry, who has supported our iGEM-Team since 2012 in many ways, has supported us with plasmids and enzymes this year, and helped us with organizing our School-Project.

Then we also want to thank Professor Dr Schwarzer for generously allowing us to use his lab hardware for synthesising peptides (like SpyTag and C-intein). Our sincere thanks also go to Professor Kalbacher who has supported our project by kindly providing us with his hardware for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI). We thank Professor Dr Rapaport and Professor Dr Stehle for sharing their consumables with us. Professor Dr Stehle is also thanked for providing us with several lab instruments like peristaltic pumps and sharing his NanoDrop with us. We are very thankful for him helping us with protein modeling. We also want to thank Dr Pimpl (Center for Plant Molecular Biology, ZMBP) for allowing us to perform a plasmid preparation at his lab and using his consumables for this. We are also indebted to Dr √úner Kolukisaoglu (ZMBP) for supplying us with lab hardware.

Last but not least, we are very grateful to all the members of the mentioned labs for helping us perform our experiments with their equipment. In this regard, we want to especially thank Dr Christoph Schall (research group Stehle) who has has provided us with consumables and reagents and who supported us with his advice and expertise concerning protein structure.