About Us

We are University of Tuebingen's iGEM-Team. Our team consists of undergraduate and graduate students of biochemistry and biology.

Our official team roster can be found on the team page.


First of all, we want to thank our instructors who have kindly supported us with their knowledge and ideas when we were devising our project or struggling with financial or technical problems (in alphabetical order):

Professor Dr Oliver Kohlbacher

Professor Dr Alfred Nordheim

Altough he is not an official instructor of our team, we nevertheless want to name Professor Dr Ralf-Peter Jansen in the context of our instructors and thank him sincerely for supplying us with a laboratory and discussing many many technical and organizational problems with our team members.

Student Members

In alphabetical order.

Vanessa Aeissen - BSc Biochem Matthias Becker - BSc Biochem Sven Bitters - MSc Bio
Patrick Fabian - BSc Biochem Salma Gamal - MSc Biochem Jonas Hagenberg - BSc Biochem
Alfred Hanswillemenke - MSc Biochem Philipp Huber - BSc Biochem Simon Huber - BSc Biochem
Kaya Keutler - BSc Biochem Aline Kienzler - BSc Biochem Lisa Koob - BSc Biochem
Lukas Langer - MSc Biochem Nikolas Layer - BSc Biochem Pia Mach - BSc Biochem
Philipp Mayer - BSc Biochem Stefan Petschak - BSc Biochem Sebastian Reuter - BSc Biochem
Philip Rößler - BSc Biochem Kevin Sabath - MSc Biochem Laura Schenkel - MSc Bio
Sophie Stotz - BSc Biochem Lisa Wellinger - MSc Biochem Gregor Wiese - MSc Biochem
Matthias Wojtynek - MSc Biochem