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[iGEM Headline]Our Brand New Magazine“iGEM" Has Come Out!

Zhi Zheng

This summer,the innovation club collaborating with iGEM-SCUT publish a brand new synthetic biology column including introduce amazing projects,share touching stories,spread the seed of SB,experience meaningful vocation, have a taste of a different science adventure.

[iGEM Knowledge]A Glimpse at Synthetic Biology


Synthetic biology is a brand new biological research field which illustrate an increasing trend since 2000. On the basis of engineering science, SB achieve certain biology function via design and synthetise new biological parts, devices and systems or redesign and transform the existing biosystem.

[iGEM People]The Story of Our Team Leader

Linzhou & Zhizheng

SCUT students won two gold medals and one silver in the Asia division’, seven students from ’SCUT-BGI genome innovative science institute’participate in ‘BGIC_ATCG’ and ‘ BGIC_0101’.

[iGEM Bilingualism]The Amazing Fluoresce Ice Cream


British boutique ice cream maker Lick Me I'm Delicious (yes, that is the company's real name) recently released a glow-in-the-dark ice cream that uses a luminescent protein from glowing jellyfish. The idea? Lick the ice cream and calcium-activated proteins react by glowing, thanks to differences in your mouth's warmer pH level and the ice cream's more neutral pH.

[iGEM Thinking]A Brief Talk on Safety and Ethics of Synthetic Biology


For the numerous movie fans, scientists use high-tech methods to create creatures and even clone humans, as well as terrorists manufacture bio-weapons to spread, are not fresh stories.

[iGEM Story]Grow Together with iGEM in My Freshman Year

By Yaran, Zhizheng, Bihong

In October 2013, I just graduated from the high school and started to get familiar with the college life while enjoy the warm autumn in Guangzhou. One day, I saw the iGEM conference banner accidently and at that time SCUT team hoped to recruit new member who was passionate with biology.

[iGEM Communication]The Delegates of SCUT Team Went to Wuhan for iGEMers’Meetup

Zhi Zheng

On 23th Aug. 2014, the first central china iGEMers’meetup held by the union of Central China iGEM Teams was solemnly opened.

[iGEM Bilingualism]Scientists Move Closer to Inventing Artificial Life


It is reported that an international team has inserted a man-made chromosome into brewer's yeast, producing a life form that thrives and successfully passes the designer genes on to its offspring.

[iGEM People]The Exclusive Interview of the Founding Captain of Jilin University’s iGEM Team

Han Jia & Zhizheng

In our last interview, we have introduced the founding captain of iGEM SCUT team——Zhang Junjie to you.

[iGEM Story]One iGEMer’s Monologue


If you ask me, will I be busy if I join the iGEM and prepare for competitions, I would say, you are more relaxed on weekdays.