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University of Ottawa

We worked with the University of Ottawa in the design of a deterministic ODE model to describe their inducible switch. We assisted them in implementing their model in MATLAB and analyzing it with phase plane and bifurcation analysis in pursuit of tri-stability. To see the University of Ottawa's models, click here.

University of Virginia

During the summer, we received a request from the University of Virginia:
"We have designed an online survey to gauge acceptance and understanding of synthetic biology by the general public. We hope that global distribution of and participation in this survey will allow for more targeted public education efforts in the human practices component of the iGEM competition. Participation would involve going to a public place and approaching pedestrians to fill out the short survey."
We were happy to help and collected responses on their behalf. We received the following badge for our help:


The Ontario iGEM teams decided to gather to better communicate about their projects. This was facilitated by the Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI) through a 2 day meet-up.
Read more on the QGEM blog.