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The Team

Our Team

We are exceptionally grateful for the immense enthusiasm and dedication of all of Vanderbilt iGEM's members in the wetware division. It is because of such hard work and dedication that during our team's first year in competition we have accomplished so much.

In particular, we would like to recognize a few select individuals who truly went above and beyond for the sake of the team.

Bronze membership recognizes those who contributed in at least one experiment over the course of the year. Silver membership recognizes those who attended at least four experiments. For members who participated at the group step, this corresponds to perfect attendance for all scheduled sessions. Gold membership recognizes those who were among the most active members of the organization. Finally, platinum membership recognizes those who devoted at least one hundred hours of time during both the spring and fall semesters.

Those who held special positions in the organization, such as group managers and team officers, are also acknowledged. It should also be noted that only members who were directly involved in the wetware division are included on this list.

Please see the team pages of our university's other divisions to see the contributions of other team members.