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While Vanderbilt University's iGEM team is driven by its undergraduates, our work is indebted to the generosity of our mentors and gracious sponsors. Vanderbilt iGEM prides itself in being a team run by undergraduates, for undergraduates. All project design and data analysis, lab work and experimentation, fundraising and outreach, and all the other work done by the team was all preformed by undergraduate student volunteers. However outside companies, faculty and staff, institutions, and individuals all have made contributions that have been essential in our team's growth and success. We would like to take the time to specially thank each one of them in the space below.

Professors and Faculty

Dr. Chrissy Marasco
for her role as the team's principle faculty adviser, with contributions to both the administrative and scientific work of our team

Dr. Kevin Seale
for his role as our team's administrative adviser, providing lab space and equipment, and offering assistance through the SyBBURE program

Dr. Kathy Friedman
for her role as our team's scientific adviser, offering technical assistance during project planing and troubleshooting

Dr. Ian Macara
for providing our team with lab space, materials, and equipment for the fall semester and beyond

Dr. Mark Woelfle
for providing our team with lab space and equipment for the spring semester

Dr. Amanda Benson
for her technical support and guiding collaboration with Ravenwood High School's iGEM team

Staff and Resources

Jonathan Ertelt & the Vanderbilt Greenhouse
for assistance growing and maintaining our various plants

Vanderbilt Mass Spectrometry Core
and for agreeing to analyze our samples for terpenoid content and discussing ways to extract terpene for analysis

  • Dr. Steven Baskauf for general assistance in running our lab
  • Charles Sissom and Sara Samoray for protocol advice, equipment training, and assistance in running our lab
  • Anthony Tharp for access to common equipment resources
  • Vanderbilt Environmental Health and Safety for training in proper lab practice and safe waste disposal
  • University of Massachusetts Medical Center , especially Dr. Aviva Joseph , for technical advice related to our genetic constructs.

  • Sponsors