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Achievements > Medal Requirements

Medal Requirements

bronze_medalBronze Medal Requirements
  • Team registration

  • Team Wiki

  • Complete Judging Form

  • Present a poster and a talk at the iGEM Jamboree
  • Poster ready to go!

  • The description of each project must clearly attribute work done by the students and distinguish it from work done by others, including host labs, advisors, instructors, sponsors, professional website designers, artists, and commercial services.
  • See our Attributions here!

  • Document and submit new standard BioBrick Parts or Device to the iGEM Registry .
    See our Parts here!

silver_medalSilver Medal Requirements
  • Experimentally validate that your new BioBrick Parts or Devices work as expected:
    We can proudly assure that the following BioBricks work perfectly:
    • BBa_K1554001, BBa_K1554002, BBa_K1554003 are the three enzymes that constitute the pheromone synthesis pathway. They proved to work and provided the expected results (Results: Pheromone Analysis).
    • BBa_K1554006 allows an efficient conversion from GoldenBraid 2.0 standard parts to BioBrick standard parts (Parts Contruction).

  • Document the characterization of these parts in the “Main Page” section of that Part’s/Device’s Registry entry:
    Check it! BBa_K1554001, BBa_K1554002, BBa_K1554003, BBa_K1554006

  • Submit this new part to the iGEM Parts

  • Articulate questions encountered by your team, and describe how you considered them within your project
  • To tune our project and ensure its outcome is in line with societal expectations, we engaged a wide range of social actors and stakeholders throughout the whole of it. Visit our Policy and Practices section.

gold_medalGold Medal Requirements
  • Improve the function OR characterization of an existing BioBrick Part or Device and enter this information in the Registry:
  • In our biosafety module we have used the Barnase (BBa_J72173), AmilGFP chromoprotein (BBa_K1467202) and AmilCP chromoprotein (BBa_K1467201) from the parts Registry, and tested them in Nicotiana benthamiana . We also have used Golden Gate Module Flippers (BBa_K1467100, BBa_K1467200) to translated our GoldenBraid 2.0 standard parts to BioBricks’.

  • Help any registered iGEM team from another school or institution by, for example, characterizing a part, debugging a construct, or modeling or simulating their system
  • We developed a tight collaboration with the NRP-UEA-Norwich team. In collaboration, our team developed two biosafety devices thanks to two parts provided by them. Both devices were submitted to the iGEM Registry BBa_K1554004 and BBa_K1554005. In addition, the NRP-UEA-Norwich also provided us with their Mo-Flippers. We tested them in GoldenBraid standard parts and they worked perfectly.