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Red mushroom
The members of the Targeting Group

The amazing Targeting Group is focusing on our Targeting/homing system, which will give our bacteria the ability to home towards our target, Y. enterocolitica! These hot shots always hit their target, bullseye, and is made up of three biotechnology bachelors students, one biology master student and one lonely biomedicine bachelor student.

Eric Sandström
Molecular biotechnology term 3
“I can fix that.I can do that. It’s okay, I can do this too...”
Jennifer Rosenius
Molecular biotechnology term 3
“Do we have to…?”
Andries Willem Boers
Masters of biology term 9
“Come on, guys! Get your labjournals up, it’s time to plan everything in detail!”

Kira Karlsson
Bachelors of biomedicine term 3
“Come on people we have to practise our singing… Practise today for the singing.. Remember everyone, practise again today for the singing”
Miranda Stiernborg
Molecular biotechnology term 3
“Could someone open the door? ..please!”