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Red mushroom
The members of the Sensing Group

These guys are developing the Sensing (detection) system, ensuring that our bacteria will be able to sense the presence of our target, Yersinia enterocolitica! This sensitive bunch could detect a rainstorm by the vibrations in the ground and is made up of one biotechnology masters student, one bioinformatics master student and three bachelors, as well as one overachiever simultaneously working on bachelors in both biology and chemistry.

Stephanie Herman
Molecular biotechnology bioinformatics term 7
“Why? WHY This is chaos! OH MY GOD!!” *awkward seal face*
Martin Friberg
Bachelors of Chemistry and Biology term 7
“But if we invert the frequency and add a negative concentration of the double loading buffer in consensus with the valency of…then this might actually work!!.”
Megha Biradar
Masters in Molecular Biotechnology 9
“I am never, ever, ever, ever, ever drinking again.”

Gunta Celma
Molecular biotechnology term 5
“First in the lab.. Today again..”
Christoffer Andersson
Molecular biotechnology term 3
“Maybe I could work out while the PCR is running… and again while waiting for the gel!”