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Red mushroom
The members of the Modeling Group

The Uppsala Top Models have been focusing on optimizing and modeling our system through a cell-cell interaction model and a math based model on population level! These fashionista nerds are both smart and beautiful and are always able to, in the words of Tim Gun, “Make it work!”. The modeling group consists of one bioinformatics master student and two bachelors students.

Nils Anlind
Molecular biotechnology term 5
“Let’s do it the hipster way!”
Joakim Hellner
Molecular biotechnology bioinformatics term 9
“Where is my newspaper? I CANNOT drink my coffee without my newspaper!!!”
Oliver Possnert
Molecular biotechnology term 3
“Yeah, sure, I can do the restreaks! (I wonder what a restreak is…I’m sure I’ll figure it out.)”