Team:Uppsala/Team KillingGroup



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Red mushroom
The members of the Killing Group

These guys are the brutal ones in our team, developing the Killing system, that will kill the evil Y. entercolitica. These lean mean killing machines are one master student in bioinformatics and three bachelor student in biotechnology .

Alexander Virtanen
Molecular bioengineering term 5
“Can I wear this T-shirt for our group photo?”
Niklas Handin
Molecular biotechnology, Bioinformatics term 9
“I know! I can put another easter-egg here in the wiki!”

Marcus Hong
Molecular biotechnology term 5
“No I won’t help you! I’m on vacation!”
Jonas Mattison
Molecular biotechnology term 3
“Does anybody want to play boardgames with me while we wait for the PCR? No one? Just a short game?...Plz?”