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Red mushroom
The members of the Adhesion Group

The sticky part of the team have been working on merging our systems into one and are also developing a draft for the future Adhesion system! These guy’s will stick to anything, so a hug from them is a hug for life! The adhesion group consists of one biotechnology master student, one bioinformatics master student and two bachelor students, and one bachelor student in chemical engineering.

Teresa Reinli
Molecular biotechnology term 3
“Ohhh myyy god, that is so cute!! Does it come in pink?”
Viktor Blomkvist
Molecular biotechnology bioinformatics term 9
“I don´t feel like pipetting 950 microliters right now, i only want to pipette 50 microliters right now”
Arina Gromov
Molecular biotechnology term 5
“Beautiful people! We’re gonna have so much fun!”

Tim Hagelby Edström
Molecular biotechnology term 9
“Sorry, I overslept…….5 hours” *Dark Lord*
Laura Pacoste
Chemical engineering term 3