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Team quote: “Nah, let’s do it tomorrow instead, there is plenty of time”

The awesome team!
The awesome team!

The fellowship of Colicin!

Once upon a time in the ancient capital of Sweden, a beautiful town called Uppsala. Everything was fine until the Yersinia entercolitica nation attacked. The gong gong echoed through the town! A group of brave hearts, led by three shining knights and a beautiful nerd, the fearsome Captain Redbeard with specific nukes, the glorious Viktorious with the ability to stick to anything, the very sensitive Captain Soulless with her all seeing eye and Nils, with his computer whose dream was to be a beautiful model. The group charged towards the colony of doom. It’s over 9000 the nerd assumed! Yersinia was strong, but the group were stronger just like the nerd had predicted. For a whole summer they fought. Plans and dreams were shredded. The battle was about to be won but someone betrayed them. Tim the dark lord was a spy all along! Captain Soulless said the contamination is strong with this one! Tim tried to escape but the glorious Viktorious managed to catch his foot and he was stuck. Tim was defeated. Left stood the raging Yersinia colony, still charging against the amazing group of awesome people and Nils. Then, at eleven a’clock, the forgotten nerd no. 2, Jocke appeared and was then forgotten again. Yersinia was tho confused by this oscillating nerd. Yersinia used food posioning, it was very effective, the team was infected. However, Captain Redbeard had forgotten to eat his lunch box this day and was therefor not affected. Captain Redbeard used class two lab, it was super effective. Yersinia was weakened. Captain Redbeard fired his super specific Colicin nukes. Captain Soulless said “I sense the presence of Yersinia. They are close”. Captain Redbeard raised an eye and fired against Yersinia once more. Yersinia shivered and fell to the ground in a pile of slime. The forgotten nerd appeared from nowhere. The deed has been done, he said and disappeared again. The ancient capital Uppsala was saved! Rainbows and sparkle appeared. Everybody ran to the top of the pile of dead Yersinias and started doing the Macahoola dance! ....but somewhere, deep in the dark, new dangers were lurking.

Don’t miss part 2; The return of T.H.E.Tim!

Timeline of our team

Red mushroom
Uppsala annual river rafting
Red mushroom
The first research weekend
Red mushroom
The first sequencing submission
Red mushroom
Afterlab BBQ
Team building
Red mushroom
Afterlab party
Red mushroom
Crayfish party
Red mushroom
Team t-shirts recieved
Wiki is done!!!
The wiki is done!! :D