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Business idea

Microbial Designs provides a sustainable alternative to antibiotics with genetically engineered probiotics to all american hospitals. Our product efficiently targets the gut pathogen Y.enterocolitica, leaving the microbial flora intact. By leaving the flora intact we reduce the risk of pathogens developing resistance while maintaining the bacterial health of the patient.

Clinical trials

Our goal is to develop our product into the first pre-clinical trials and then sell the product idea to a larger company. This way we put our focus on our strongest asset, research and innovation, leaving the costly and time consuming process to more suitable hands.

Intellectual property rights

Microbial Designs believes in an open source climate for the field of synthetic biology and is therefore a part of the BioBrick Agreement. Our product is however still applicable for a patent with a novel system produced by open source parts.


To reach full potential of our product we are marketing ourselves towards American hospitals and larger pharmaceutical companies. By combining pedagogical lectures and informatic commercials we will raise further awareness of todays and tomorrows problem with antibiotic resistant pathogens.


The primary goal is to get funding to finance the development of our product to the pre-clinical trials, which is estimated to cost about 12 million SEK annually. The research time is estimated to 3 years and a majority of the funding is thought to come from business angels, our venture capitalists.