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In the Policies and Practices part of Uppsala iGEM teams work, we have reached out to the community, informing people about our project. Therefore, we decided to start a fictional company, called Microbial Designs. In order to start this firm we received help from many experts, both professors at the local university, companies that operate in the same field of science, and the Swedish Jobs and Society Foundation. These people helped us with the very basics of starting a company in the biotechnology sector. We have worked with legal, economical, financial and many other aspects concerning starting a business in biotechnology. You can read about our work by clicking your way through the Policies and Practices page here!

Through our company, we were able to reach out by writing a business plan, which in an easy and thorough way which describes what the product is, what it can be used for, and why we decided to go with this particular project. What the company also made possible was the making of infomercials, that we, by making commercial for our company, could use to reach a broader audience that also include people outside of the scientific community. We made sure that the infomercials would be understandable and informative enough for a person without any education in biotechnology to understand the basics of what our product is, and how it works. In addition to creating this company, iGEM Uppsala also wanted to make people interested in both iGEM, our specific project, and synthetic biology as a whole . Therefore we both arranged events concerning this subject (SynBioHour at Uppsala University), and attended events arranged by others (such as going to the Swedish city of Linköping for a conference with their iGEM team), where we presented our project and described what working with synthetic biology can lead to. We also took part in interviews in both local newspapers and radio, and have been active on our team pages on different social medias, such as Youtube (iGEM on Youtube) and Facebook (iGEM on Facebook) , to be able to approach and connect with society in different ways, and share our knowledge and progress concerning our project in synthetic biology!