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This year we decided to create two models for the purpose of further evaluating our project. The first model was developed to show the intended function of our systems and to give a nice visual representation of the cell-cell interaction, see fig 1. This model also gives us insights about flaws and possible improvements of our design, and demonstrate which functions will be most crucial for the efficiency of the Bactissile. Since this model shows individual bacteria and how they interact with each other, we decided to call it the Cell-cell Interaction Model.

Figure 1. A screenshot from an example run of the Cell-Cell Interaction Model

However, the cell-to-cell model lacks in that it does not tell us if our system would be effective enough to actually treat Y.enterocolitica infections in vivo. It can give us a fair estimation, but does not show the big picture. In order to show the big picture we decided to also create a model displaying large populations of bacteria, to simulate the effect of our construct in the entire infected area. As you might have guessed, this model is therefore called the Population Level Model, since it displays interaction on a population level. With this model we are able to variate the different parameters that can be optimized, such as production rates and thresholds, and then observe the effects of the treatment.