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Instructors Liza Felicori and Rafaela Ferreira, senior advisor Clara Guerra and senior student Carlos Gonçalves organized the team and assigned each member’s functions.

Thiago Mafra provided the foundation for this project’s idea.

Carlos Gonçalves designed the biological circuit.

Marcelo Miranda, Daniela Chame, Christiane Freitas, Laila Horta and Isadora Prata performed all the wetlab experiments.

Rodrigo Baptista developed the 3D model of our chimeric protein.

Eugênio Rezende and Rodrigo Baptista performed the mathematical calculations of our probabilistic model.

Clara Guerra, Carlos Gonçalves, Michele Araújo, Maria Cecília, Daniela Chame, Lucas Thiago and Rodrigo Baptista led the Policy and Practices Advance activities performed by the team.

Tiago Bruno,Verônica Melo, Daniela Chame and Carlos Gonçalves assisted on the creation of the Wiki. Most of the work was performed by an external collaborator, designer Hector XXX.

Maria Cecília and Verônica Melo were in charge of raising sponsors. Lucas Thiago created a crowdfunding project.

Rodrigo Baptista designed our logo.

Tiago Bruno and Lucas Thiago created audiovisual material for divulgation.

Everybody participated on weekly brainstorms for discussing ideas and troubleshooting.


We thank our team members’ instructors: prof. José Miguel Ortega, prof. Ana Maria Caetano, prof. Dawidson Gomes, prof. Andrea Macedo, prof. Glória Franco, prof. Carlos Renato Machado, prof. Daniella Bartholomeu , Dr. Guilherme Corrêa, Dr. Sara Cuadros and Ms. Julliane Dutra for supporting their students’ participation on this competition.

We thank José Miguel Ortega and Roberto de Souza Duarte for the great financial support on our crowdfunding project. We also thank everyone else who contributed: Ítalo Faria do Valle, Wesley Junio, Felipe Parreira Guerra Lins, André Luiz Martins Reis, Júlia Badaró Guerra, Eduardo Andrade Biagioni, Rafael Marques de Souza, Roberta Lima Caldeira, Marianna Kunrath Lima, Graciela Kunrath Lima, Marcos Assis, Patrícia de Souza Duarte, Paulo Vinícius Pereira da Costa, Íria dos Santos, Leonardo Carnevalli Dias, Rubem Dornas, Rondineli Silva, Sueli Trevi, Marco and Nielson Santana.

We thank prof. Andrea Macedo, director of the Institute of Biological Sciences of the UFMG, for invaluable support on raising funds from several sponsors and contacting higher instances at our state and country.

We thank graphics designer Hector XXX for creating our beautiful Wiki.

We thank Bárbara Ávila and other members of Na Onda da Vida program, from the Radio UFMG, for allowing us to record audio for our media production using their hardware, for assisting on the sound edition and for helping us with divulgation.

We thank Dr. Franck Molina for guidance regarding the choices we should make while deciding the project.