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Brad Roa<br />
Brad Roa<br />
Bryant Cheng<br />
Bryant Cheng<br />
Bradley Paby<br /><br />
Bradley Pavy<br /><br />

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Dr. Sriram Kosuri
Dr. David Breslauer
Dr. Mark Arbing
Dr. Christina Agapakis
Keegan Owsley
David Yao

Lab Space:
Dr. Foad Mashayekhi
Dr. Dino DiCarlo
Garrett Mosley
UCLA Department of Bioengineering

Supplies and Assistance:
Dr. Kayvan Niazi
Eisenberg Lab
Brad Roa
Bryant Cheng
Bradley Pavy

Financial Support:
UCLA Department of Bioengineering
UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
UCLA Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics
Refactored Materials
Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education
Tama Hasson, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Research

Art | Sci Collaboration:
Dr. Victoria Vesna
Mick Lorusso

Administrative Support:
Stacey Tran
Brian Lee