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DNA/Program delivery

A P1-based bacteriophage was used as the DNA/program delivery system [1]. Constructed at Anderson's lab in UC Berkeley, this system is very sensitive and its lytic state is only active in the presence of arabinose. If reengineered at the lab, it can be coupled with a new program to substitute the old program or update it.

DNA/Program digestion system

A phagemid-codified TALEN will suppress the previous DNA/program, which strategically contained TALEN sites when used to engineer E. coli since the beginning. TALENs will linearize the DNA, which will be then digested by nucleases in the host organism (linearized DNA is digested by a number of naturally occurring mechanisms in E. coli). The new phagemid contains different TALEN sites which will allow to suppress it in a future (if necessary) using the same strategy with a different TALEN.

The whole scheme

A DNA delivery system will allow to deliver the new program and the TALEN, and also, reporter proteins can be used to monitor the hacking process. From fluorescent proteins to barcodes in the DNA, the variety of possible reporters will allow us to explore the biology of the whole scheme for further improvement or for its application with different organisms.