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Team members
Secret Profiles

Name: Roberto Valderrama
Nickname: Valde//Bob//Str8 Maniak
Weapon: Jolt-7MP
Superpower: Call of Duty Pro and Chocolate eater
Special movement: In silico solution preparation
Type: Fire
Zodiac: Roster
Phobia: Avocado
Favorite character: Kiko
Favorite love: Juan Quijano
Hobbie: Flirting

Name: Gil Rodriguez
Nickname: Gil pipetas locas//Semental
Weapon: Micropipetes of Chaos
Superpower: Nullify superpowers
Special movement: DNA extraction of chop pork
Type: Water
Zodiac: Creeper
Phobia: Nailclippers Favorite Character: Subzero
Favorite game: Minecraft
Hobbie: Playing videogames during zombie apocalypse.

Name: Arely Marina
Nickname: Areloca
Weapon: Transilluminator
Special movement: Microarray
Type: Co 60+
Zodiac: Geminis
Phobia: Darkness
Favorite beer: Guinness
Favorite DJ: Calvin Harris
Hobbie: To play the piano.

Name: Eduardo Martinez
Nickname: Lalo//Rawr
Weapon: Nuclear Slingshot Patented by UNAM
Superpower: Atomic Breath
Special movement: Fecundation in vitro of bovine ova
Type: Ground
Zodiac: Godzilla
Phobia: Ants
Favorite beer: 8 Frailes
Favorite Scientific: Otto Octavius
Hobby: Play Violin with feet in a gondolla under while raining.

Name: Dionicio
Nickname: Dioni NO!
Weapon: Nunchuks made of Kryobanite
Superpower: Hyper-ventilation
Special movement: Inverse PCR
Type: Hipster
Zodiac: Molcajete
Phobia: Everything
Favorite musician: Whoever you don't know
Favorite Scientific: Pulp fiction. But if you like it, then other one.
Hobby: Whatever your hobby isn't, Pop Culture.

Name: Amaya
Nickname: Amaya
Weapon: ------
Special movement: Eating
Type: Onion
Zodiac: -----
Phobia: Homework
Favorite: ------
Favorite: ------
Hobby: ------

Name: Jordy Lerma Escalera
Nickname: Yordee
Instrument: Lighter
Superpower: Procastination
Special movement: Picking Colonies with fingers
Type: Chaos
Zodiac: Jupiter
Phobia: Lack of beer
Favorite book: Hamblet, Prince of Denmbark
Favorite videogame: FIFA Saga
Hobby: Destroy everything

Name: Albert Lerma Escalera
Nickname: Niña//Coqueta y Audaz
Weapon: Bow
Superpower: Indecision
Special movement: Microinjection
Type: Enviromentalist
Zodiac: Lion
Phobia: Needles
Favorite Beer: Fraile
Favorite Series: Agents of Shield
Hobby: Playing Ukelele inside a tree

Name: Janssel Reyes del Castillo
Nickname: Janssel//Mattie
Weapon: Kindle
Superpower: Eating Tacos
Special movement: Protein purification
Type: Money
Zodiac: Turtle
Phobia: Flies
Favorite Movie: Inception
Favorite Place: Florence
Hobby: Watching series

Name: Heber Torres
Nickname: Miguel Cordero
Instrument: ------
Superpower: ------
Special movement: -------
Type: -----
Zodiac: ------
Phobia: ------
Favorite: ------
Favorite: ------
Hobby: ------

Name: J. Claudio Moreno Rocha
Nickname: Klauss
Instrument: 1000 µL Micropipete
Superpower: Launch everything precisely
Special movement: Classic construction of DNA devices
Type: Weird
Zodiac: Cats
Phobia: Dogs
Favorite programming: Cable Television
Favorite Meal: Arrachera
Hobby: Sleep

Honor Members

Name: PhD Tablon
Nickname: Tablon
Weapon: Wodeen Spear
Superpower: Astral projection
Special movement: Olympus's PCR
Type: Wood
Zodiac: Yggdrasil
Phobia: Fire
Favorite Scientific: James Wattson
Favorite Assignature: Systems Biology
Hobby: Bloggling

Name: PhD Steve
Nickname: Steve
Weapon: Diamond Sword
Superpower: Terraforming
Special movement: Fast growing culture
Type: Cube
Zodiac: Rubik's Cube
Phobia: Circle
Favorite Character: Optimus Prime
Favorite Movie: Lego Movie
Hobby: Mining to find coal, iron and diamond

Name: Gertrudis Garza del Gallo
Nickname: Tia Gertrudis
Instrument: Chronometer
Superpower: Always on time
Special movement: Ring ring
Type: Bird
Zodiac: Phoenix
Phobia: Ovens
Favorite Restaurant: KFC
Favorite Chassis: E. coli
Hobby: Body painting

Name: Jerome Valderata
Nickname: Jerry
Instrument: Cosmic Guitar
Superpower: Antifreeze
Special movement: Play dead
Type: Normal
Zodiac: Elephant
Phobia: Rat trap
Favorite Meal: Oaxaca Cheese
Favorite Actor: Speedy Gonzalez
Hobby: Russian Roulette

Name: MC Quicksilver Mercury
Nickname: Mercury
Weapon: Digital Thermometer
Superpower: Temperature sensing
Special movement: DNA keeper
Type: Quicksilver
Zodiac: Mercury
Phobia: Chlorine
Favorite Person: Freddie Mercury
Favorite Color: Silver
Hobby: Playing soccer in Mercury planet