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This project allows you to program a microorganism in a way that meets a function de novo, and also allows to "reprogram" the genetic program of the organism in situ , so that you can enter an agent to the environment once it has fulfilled its function reprogram either to stop the current program, change a new one or get rid of said microorganism specifically altogether.
The project makes use of bacteriophages to detect the biological agent of interest without affecting other natural organisms in the environment, and avoiding the use of dangerous chemicals that harm the ecosystem. Aims to generate a further control scheme of biological agents introduced into the environment as a safety means to allow the use of biological machines. Additionally, it is expected that the strategy used allowed to act in natural pathogens (bacteria, virus, etc...) And thus make them non pathogens when you change their genetic programmation.
Bacteriophages are bacterial viruses and consist of a single- or double-stranded DNA or RNA protected by a protein capsid. They are able to infect bacteria by injecting their nucleic acids inside the host.
A evaluation of the properties of the bacteriophage P1 and the organisms used in this project is required to implement adequate biocontainment and measures to support the human health and the environment.

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