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Math Model

The nature of our project, as a program embedded in a biological system, requires of a theoretical approach that describes its behavior, in order to predict how will function in vivo and therefore, understand how the scheme will work.

While the deterministic approach of this program would explain its digital functioning, other characteristics have to be considered in order to have an accurate description of the system, considering factors as concentration, promoter strenght, volume of the system, temperature and others, which determine much of the behaviour of the system, to explain some features that might show.

In our project, there are two principal components that will determine how the system will work.

The Protein Production
Since activity and responsiveness of the system are dependant on both concentration of TALEN, and since we measure it with production of GFP, it is necessary to predict when will this components be produced, using the promoter strength and degradation rate.

TALEN Activity
The TALEN is the principal component of the system. Since its activity is not directly measurable, we have to predict when will it work, at which concentration, and how will it behave once the system is delivered, in order to know when will the reporter activity be measurable and most important, when will our system be effective once it is delivered.

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