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Tamara Kleiman

I am a computer science specialist, but was a member of the wet lab team this year! (makes sense) My interests in bio lie within the field of epigenetics - specifically questions like how DNA methylation is inheritable and chromatin remodelling. Fun fact: I have a pet poodle named Rocky which people find hilarious for some reason.

Nadia Stec

I was part of the wet lab team this summer and am probably the team member most afraid of sybrsafe (or the only one). Having just started my 4th year in life sciences and being a first time iGEM-er, I really enjoyed learning about the applications of a plasmid-loss system. I love coffee and puns, and trying to miniprep faster than the previous time.

Afiq Asri

4th year undergraduate | Biomedical Engineering
Kuala Lumpur-born Afiq is happy to return to iGEM Toronto team for a 2nd year, designing Biobricks and delivering synbio workshops for human practices. He loves microfluidics, analytical chemistry, citizen science and open-source things. Outside the scientific habitat, Afiq can be found reading Thought Catalog, arguing which anime were best written, or over-contemplating graduate school.

Cathy Su

I am in third year studying Biological Physics at UofT. This year, I've been mainly involved with fundraising for iGem Toronto. I'm really grateful for the chance to be part of this interdisciplinary team and for the generosity of the people and departments at UofT who have supported us.

Veronica Lei

Third Year, Majors:Human Biology: Health and Disease, Cells and Systems Biology

Bohan XIng

I am studying biological physics and neuroscience at U of T. I am expecting to graduate in 2016. I worked mainly on modeling part and I also did some wet lab experiment. It is a great experience to compete at iGEM.

Samantha Chow

Samantha is the President of the U of T iGEM team this year. She is currently in her final year of Engineering Science specializing in Biomedical Systems Engineering. In her free time, she enjoys long walks through the lab, and being sophisticated and cultured among plates of bacteria.

Charlotte Michelle Nguyen

Charlotte wakes up to a steaming bowl of homemade pho. For lunch she eats a double cheeseburger (she is lactose intolerant but it’s not real cheese), a junior chicken, 6 Mcnuggets, and small fries with mayonnaise. Dinner is sushi! She eats chicken katsu don, salmon sashimi, an unagi roll, a spicy chopped scallop roll, green salad, and a side of spicy mayonnaise. This is Charlotte’s perfect day. She worked on fundraising for iGEM.

Xiuqi (Rex) Xia

I am in third year doing a Specialist program in Integrative Biology at U of T's Scarborough campus. I'm also doing a Minor in Computer Science which tbh was mostly so I could understand the jokes in xkcd. I came up with the idea for this year's project and was project lead for the research team. I probably don't sleep enough, but I make up for it by napping during my long commutes between campuses and my home in far suburbia.

Carrie Huang

I am studying molecular genetics at University of Toronto. My passion is everything related to biology (love analyzing what is living inside my lunch, for example)! I am part of human practices team in this year's iGem project. You probably won't spot me as often on Campus cuz I love staying in my cosy room and drawing colorful biology diagram (COLOR is the key!!!)

Jialun Chen

Jialun is our lab manager this year. He is currently in his 3rd year, specializing in Pathobiology. In his free time, he enjoy reading Japanese crime fictions. Arisugawa Arisu is his favourite writer.

Matthew Paolucci

I studied mathematics, molecular genetics and microbiology and I was a member of the wet lab team this year. I am especially interested in 3D organic printers (they exist?!?!) and chaotic systems. I enjoyed the learning experience that I gained from working with this years IGEM team and look forward to reading about all the Nobel prizes that the members of this team will surely acquire - one day. Fun fact: I once dribbled a basketball with my knees for over a km to get out of detention!

Jing Guo

I am a fourth year student at U of T, double majoring in Human Biology and Economics. I was responsible for coordinating Human Practice projects. I was also a part of the wet-lab team. It’s amazing to be able to work along side of so many talented and dedicated people!

Human Practice Support:
  • Victor Kofia, undergraduate computer science student at University of Toronto, is the lead developer for Plasonomics. Check out his personal website at:
  • Temi Dipo-ayeni, undergraduate computer sceince student at University of Toronto, is the lead developer for Plasonomics.
  • Kevin Lu, undergraduate student at University of Toronto, designed logo and game graphic for Plasonomics.
  • Anson Tsai, undergraduate student at University of Toronto, helped Jing to draw a visual representation of Phone Glove.
Other wet-lab team members:
  • Teeratham Sivieng
  • Shayne Lin
  • Ingrid Kao
  • Zivit Fesler
  • Monica Akula
  • Kenneth Ting
  • Zack Tzeng
  • Christine Qian
  • Vipal Jain
  • Abdiwahab Moalim