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Safie by Technion-Israel


We have built 23 BioBricks

and X more constructs we did not submit yet

BBa_K1343000 P_tet->NheI->RBS->luxI->dTer BBa_K1343012 Plux-amilCP
BBa_K1343001 P_ompC->NheI->RBS->luxI->dTer BBa_K1343013 PT7-amilCP
BBa_K1343002 plac dTer BBa_K1343014 Plux-g.luc
BBa_K1343003 plac luxR dTer BBa_K1343015 PT7-LuxI
BBa_K1343004 Plac-CI-T7 BBa_K1343016 Pcat->RBS->TaZ->dTer
BBa_K1343005 PCI-tetR BBa_K1343017 Ptet->tetR
BBa_K1343006 Plac-tetR BBa_K1343018 Ptet->tetR->T7
BBa_K1343007 Ptet-CI BBa_K1343019 Plux->Green Renilla Luciferase->tetR
BBa_K1343008 Ptet-LacI BBa_K1343020 Plux->Green Renilla Luciferase->lacI
BBa_K1343009 Pcat-LuxR BBa_K1343021 Plux->amilCP->lambda CI
BBa_K1343010 PCI-lacI BBa_K1343022 Plux->amilCP->tetR
BBa_K1343011 Plac- CI