Safie by Technion-Israel

The Project

We are developing a low concentration bio-detector.

The system is based on an intricate gate construct, utilizes quorum-sensing and an altered two-component signalling system. In addition, groundbreaking organic synthesis of a photo-switching molecule – Azobenzene – is used in a pioneering attempt to mimic biofilm formation.
We have planned and built a low concentration detector using these elements.

The Idea

Read about our vision for our project. Find out more about the idea and where some R&D can take us

How it Works

Find out how we planed to achieve our goal for low concentration detection of different materials

Alpha System

Explore our first genetic logic gates design in detail, what happens in the system and how it can detect low concentrations

Beta System

Read about our second design of logic gates meant to reduce noise and help with more accurate detection

RNA Splint

Find out about our plan to split any desired gene sequence to produce it under 2 different promoters and have the full protein self-assemble


Read about our pioneering method for bacterial aggregation using organically synthesized Azobenzene molecules

Histidine Kinase

Read how the Histidine Kinase system in E.coli can be used for different applications and substances

New Standard

Explore a new standard for faster DNA assembly based on
Gibson assembly


Check out our extensive modeling for low concentration detection and bacterial aggregation


Find out about the experiments we preformed and see the results. Read more about future experiments we planned

Policy & Practices

In our Policy & Practices project we focus on 3 principles:

Encouraging independent thinking and creativity among teens and youth
Progressing Arab-Jewish relations through the medium of science
Representing Israel as ambassadors in the international iGEM competition

SynBio in 3 Languages

All of our Policy & Practices activities are related to our main concept of SynBio in 3 languages. Each activity was designed to include all members of Israeli society.

iGEM High Schools

We have launched the first iGEM High School team in Israel! We designed detaild lesson plans and found facilities for the project. The first group will start working for the 2015 competition.

SynBio Lectures

We have created detailed lesson plans including slideshows for children of all ages about Synthetic Biology in space and in water. We used these lesson plans for our activities and they are available for your free use.


In the iGEM spirit we collaborated with the Paris_Bettencourt team on a few projects including a weekly newsletter, and with BGU_Israel on an experiment.

The Team