Team:Paris Bettencourt/Medal


    Silver Medal

    • We experimentally validated that several new BioBrick Parts or Devices of our own design and construction work as expected.

    • We documented the characterization of those parts in the "Main Page" sections of those Parts/Devices Registry entries.

    • We submited those new parts to the iGEM Parts Registry.

    • Our project has implications for the environment, security, safety, ethics, ownership and data sharing. We described ways in which these or other broader implications have been taken into consideration in the design and execution of our project on our Policy pages.

    Gold Medal

    • We improved the function of existing BioBrick Parts, entered this information in the Registry, created new registry pages for the improved parts, and submitted these parts to the iGEM Parts Registry.

    • We collaborated with several registered iGEM teams from other institutions.

    • We outlined and detailed a new approaches to issues of Policy in Synthetic Biology related to our project, such as safety, bioethics, data sharing and patentability. We also created a complete Human Practices project, including a MOOC for high school iGEMers, major events and collaboration with the general public.

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