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At the same time, anyone involved in a study has the rights to know about what the research is and what would be done to their sample. Therefore, we decide to write our own consent form and publish it with our citizen science project.

Why Consent Form?

As part of our citizen science project, we are collecting sweat sampled from other iGEMers and the general public. In the past, in similar projects, such as Ubiome, researchers have run into questions of getting consent and using the genetic information from the sample. We believe, the process of writing consent form is a way for us to understand the discussion of privacy protection in crowdsourcing.

We then wrote the consent form, which was reviewed by our advisors, instructors and iGEMers from different teams. We hope this consent form is easy to read for everyone involved in the study.

How to do it?

In order to write an easily understood, but also informative, consent form, we read through requirements for consent form by different institutions, including IRB committee from different colleges, consulted people who have had project relevant to crowdsourcing and referred to the consent form for Human Microbiome Project as a template.

Our Consent Form

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