Team:Paris Bettencourt/Acknowledgements


This year, we also received generous support from SynBio4all.


The participation of our team at the 2014 competition was made possible through the extremely generous support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, which supports the team since its first appearance in the competition in 2007.

Our generous sponsors

Host Laboratory

Our iGEM team is kindly hosted in the CRI (Inderdisciplinary Research Center) located in the Faculté de médecine Paris Descartes at the center of Paris. In the heart of one of Paris' biggest hospitals, the CRI hosts interdisciplinary undergraduate (LFdV), Master (AIV); devoted also to systems and synthetic biology!) as well as a PhD program (FdV). This center is directed by François Taddei and Ariel Lindner.

For the Laboratory's facilities, we are kindly hosted by the CRI/INSERM U1001 lab, that lent us benches, microscopes and others facilities. We thank all the members of the INSERM U1001 for their kind help and that they shared not only their equipment but also their experience with us. We would like to give a special thank Chantal Lotton, the lab manager, for her advices on the bench, her warm words, her organization skills, her introductions, for being there for us any time and that she ensured that we worked safely.

We would like to thank the Bacillus Genetic Stock Centre for sharing the B. subtilis wild type and gene knockout libraries.

We also want to thank Derrick Wood and Eric Franzosa for their guidance on bioinformatics methods.

We want to thank Ewen Corre for letting us use his server and Guillaume Villain for helping with coding the server side for the Minder app.

Especially, smelly thanks to all our iGEM colleages from all the world who participated sending sweat samples: Bordeaux, Imperial, INSA Lyon, Colombia, Technion Israel and Warsaw.

Finally, we want to thank Chantal Lotton and Marie-Flo Bredeche for their advice and support in the laboratory. We also want to thank Beatrice Herbin, Laura Ciriani, Veronique Waquet, Tamara Milosevic and Alice Demarez for allowing us share their lab space for the duration of iGEM.

Special Thanks

For their patience and their efficiency, we would like to thank Marie-Evelyne PINART and David CLAINQUART from the chemistry department of Paris-Diderot University. By allowing us to analyze volatile compounds on their gas chromatography-mass spectrometer device, they contribute to the results of our project.

We would like to especially thank Isabelle Ferrand from Cinquième Sens for the useful discussion on the creation of perfumes, Laurent Million from Agence Millimètre and Guillaume Foissac for their design advice. We would also like to thank the philosopher Chantal Jaquet for the advice on the history and chronology of body odors.

We also want to thank Cergy - École de Biologie Industrielle, and especially Christine Mielcarek and Anne Marie L'héritier for their guidance and advice on formulation of the probiotic cream and allowing us to visit their lab.

For help with the MOOC for high school students, we would like to acknowledge Coordinatrice Savanturiers, and especially Ange Ansour, Inspectrice, Caroline Bonnefoy, Chargée de Mission, Géraldine Carayol, and Professors Sabine Orsoni, Anne Combes, Marie Jidenko, Gilles Rossi, Thibault Carré, Pauline Gardes, Catherine Pannetier, Laetitia Debernardi, and Caroline Levis.

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