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iGEM Europe

The European Teams

This year, Oxford has been researching the European contribution to the iGEM competition.

We have looked at all european countries that have iGEM teams this year as well as the development of the number of iGEM teams in Europe over the past years.

Our team has also founded the iGEM Europe Facebook page this year: to help facilitate communication and collaboration between European iGEM teams. The page has over 100 likes and has been useful as a platform for exchange of ideas, help, and inspiration between teams. We hope it will continue to do so in years to come!

iGEM and Language

We've also been working with the Imperial iGEM team, who have been doing some interesting research into languages and iGEM, an aspect which closely relates to our own interest in European teams. Teaching of English (identified by ICL as the lingua academica of science) is particularly strong in European countries - perhaps language is a contributing factor to the success of European teams at iGEM, as revealed by our statistical analysis (below).

Check out the work of ICL on . iGEM and language.


We have also analysed statistics to spot trends over recent years in European iGEM participation. It's great to see that participation has been increasing steadily between 2006 and 2014, and that every year European teams have performed strongly and brought some great ideas to the competition. You can see some of the results of our research below...

Oxford iGEM 2014

[1] Number of iGEM teams;;;;;;

[2] Populations of countries mentioned:

[3] Success of European iGEM teams: