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Team Cooperations

Cooperate with NTU_Taida iGEM team on lab data

Our team has cooperated with NTU_Taida team on helping each other on function assay measurements,including testing of signal protein YebF, transcriptional cascade, J23119-RBS34-FadR-terminator-J23119-RBS34-FadL-terminator, absorbance of the suspension culture by spectrophotometer.

Team: NTU_Taida

Cooperate with high school team and new iGEMers

See our [human practice] page for more details. We have cooperate with high school team Taipei American School for several years. We also went to visit China Medical University since they are interested in iGEM.

Join "iGEM conference" hosted by NCTU

We joined the "iGEM conference" hosted by NCTU this summer. Many teams from Taiwan and China gathered to have a seminar of their projects.