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The Revolutionary Change for NYMU-Taipei!2014x2015

This year, 2014 NYMU-Taipei started to get on track since February. We took courses about iGEM and have been working together for months. Besides working on our own project, HOPE, we also started the 2015 NYMU-Taipei in September, a semester earlier than usual. Not only did we try to give them a whole aspect of iGEM, but we also brainstormed and learned together!

We decided to make this great change; starting in February this year was quite a big challenge for us. To start off, we held a welcome party for the incoming freshmen on 9/22. Some of our seniors from NYMU-Taipei 2013 also came to the bonding and shared their past experiences at MIT. It was definitely touching to see excitement sparkling in the freshmen’s eyes. Igniting their interest for iGEM was certainly a first priority for us!

After the welcome party, we arranged synthetic biology courses for them every Monday. Our juniors demonstrated great enthusiasm and interest in iGEM.

Besides guiding them to look through inspiring projects by other teams, we will also taught them knowledge about wiki editing, biobrick, modeling, and wet lab skills. Furthermore, they had opportunities to introduce a project of their own choice to others or to the public. We recently assigned them to film a short video to promote synthetic biology and celebrate the tenth anniversary of iGEM!

Hopefully in the end, they will be fully prepared to conquer any difficulties in the following year!