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Promotion on Television and Magazines

Last year, our seniors received outstanding prizes in the iGEM Jamboree. They were interviewed by lots of well-known newspapers and media in Taiwan, such as Liberty Times Net, ETtoday, and China Times. During these interviews, they mentioned how iGEM influenced students around the world by providing a great chance to broaden their horizons, boost their courage, and pulling ideas out of their imagination.

NYMU was the first team in Taiwan to participate in iGEM. Most of the members on our team are freshman and sophomore students. During the process of brainstorming, discussion, and the conduction of experiments, we learn amazing things unmentioned in our text books. These include the importance of collaboration between teammates and enduring patience for endless experiments. Our seniors regarded NYMU-Taipei as a big family because we always work together to overcome difficulties and became great friends in the end. We enjoy spending time with each other, even if it meant staying overnight in our lab for experiments. This is the NYMU-Taipei Team from Taiwan, and we are working hard to let our school shine again this year.

News Coverage


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